Posted in Lifestyle on April 7, 2009


Perspiration is part of life.  People usually sweat due to a combination of the following:

  1. Performing strenuous exercise
  2. Anxiety and Stress
  3. Body needs to cool off due to fever, hot weather, too many layers of clothing

When sweating happens due to anxiety and stress, there are several relaxation techniques that can be learned through mediation, yoga, hypnotherapy and biofeedback that can help you decrease that anxiety and destress you.   Some even claim that accupuncture can provide some relieve.

As for the odor, it is mostly likely caused by bacteria on your skin coming into contact with the sweat.

Other things you might want to try minimize the effect of perspiration on your life:

  • Bath daily to decrease the number of bacteriathat contributes to the sweaty odor
  • Wear loose, breathable fabrics such as cotton, wool or silk as they facilitate your body in getting rid of the excess heat by allowing a better flow of air
  • Avoid foods such as garlic, onions and other odor-production foods from your diet
  • Switch from deodorant to antiperspirant as deodorants only stop the odor while antiperspirants spot the sweat.

If the above fails, consider visiting a doctor for the following:

  • Botox injections to stop the flow of sweat.
  • Use iontophoresis (a transdermal delivery system in which a substance bearing a charge is propelled through the skin by a low electrical current)  to control or shut down the flow of perspiration through the sweat glands.