Posted in Lifestyle on August 29, 2009

sexy-toesLots of people are searching for the cure to toenail fungus, medically known as onychomycosis.  As a matter fact, toenail fungus affects about 1 in 10 adults in the United States.  That puts the figure at about 23 million.  This unsightly  condition causes the toenails to become thick, yellow and brittle.  Is Laser Treatment the light at the end of the tunnel?

Many people who have or had toenail fungus know that there is no sure cure for the fungus.  It can disappear and reappear at anytime.  Popular antifungal pills with potential for liver damage can’t even guarantee the successful removal of the fungus.  Other toenail fungus treatments like creams and prescription lacquer offer low rates of success in fighting against toenail fungus while at the same time requiring daily application for close to an entire year.

Lasers have been used from hair removal to eye surgery allowing people to live eyeglasses free.  Now companies believe the cure to toenail fungus lies in harvesting the power of laser to target and obliterate nail afflictions.  And so far the results look promising

Noveon, near-infrared laser beams, developed by Nomir Medical Technologies in Waltham, Mass. might hold the key.  Initial trials show that after only four treatments with Noveon, about 50% of the infected toenail showed no active nail infections.  And after six months, about 76% had clear nail growing.

PinPointe Footlaser, developed by PathoLase, is another laser aimed at treating toenail fungus.  According to PathoLase, PinPointe laser to treat toenail fungus is already offered in at least 21 states.  The price is not cheap though.  At costs of $1,000 or more, the treatment is not for everyone.  Furthermore, it would seem that the treatment is also not covered by health insurance.

Now, before you go running to the first available podiatrist that offers laser treatment for toenail fungus, keep in mind that there still isn’t enough data to conclude it’s effectiveness.  You are still risking more than $1,000 dollars in something that might not work 100%.

Also keep in mind that the machines used for laser toenail treatments are also used for other purposes.  Just because they are F.D.A. approved does not mean they are F.D.A approved for what the doctors are using it for.  Always exercise caution when dealing with new treatments and always get a second opinion.