Posted in Lifestyle on August 9, 2009

girl-long-legsEvery now and then people have expressed their concerns over prescription medication to take care of toenail fungus.  The fungus looks like it’s on the surface yet the medication is ingested.  There must be something safer for us to combat  toenail fungus problem.   that can be applied directly to the toenail.  Are there any FDA registered treatments?

Zeta Clear

ZetaClear is an approved homeopathic and FDA registered treatment that does not contain any adverse effects. This topical solution is an exclusively natural formula that not only deals with the visible signs of the toenail fungus but fights the root of the fungi and strengthens resistance to any future fungal attacks. ZetaClear is administered by dabbing on and under the nail bed. The formula deeply penetrates the nail thus destroying the environment where fungus infests in (Natural Nail Fungus Solution).


Unlike any other fungus medication, Fungisil is a topical solution that works on the fungal infection by eliminating the root cause from under the nail bed. It is a homeopathic product, registered with the FDA, that has anti-fungal ingredients that penetrate infected nails to kill the fungi without the use of harsh chemicals. This natural herbal medicine for toenail fungus has no side effects (Clark).

Fungisil Topical Solution is applied right to the infected nail and it does not simply sits on the nail in hopes of eventually seeping into the nail bed. Instead, the treatment directly penetrates the nail and combats the fungus at every angle. The topical ointment helps you to resist the growth of the toenail fungus by increasing the natural anti-inflammatory and anti-infection capabilities of your body without any side effects (Nail Fungus Treatment Reviews).


Nail-Rx is is from Native Remedies, a company that produces natural, herbal and homeopathic solutions for many years. It contains Melaleuca Laterifolia, better known as tea tree oil and Syzygium Aromaticum or Clove oil. Both are anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and so gives the preventative properties to the solution (Treat Nail Fungus Naturally).

If regular treatment is applied, the infection will start to lighten in three weeks. At this stage, the fungal infection will still be present and still clearly apparent. The healthy nail will start to grow back over the next few weeks and thus, you should be free of the visible signs of fungus within two months (Treat Nail Fungus Naturally).