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The first sign of aging is spotting of a wrinkle near your eyes or lips and that is the day when you start feeling old already, no matter what your age is. Wrinkles need not occur after you touch your middle age- they can haunt you any time and due to any reason. There are numerous causes of wrinkles but not all of them can be tackled but for those that can be, here are a few tips.

One of the most important, and sometimes unavoidable, reasons of wrinkle formation is repetitive facial movement. Yes, it is true. When we were kids, our parents always prevented us from making a certain kind of funny facial expression but then we loved being weird and didn’t understand their intentions behind it. Facial movement, like squinting, causes facial muscles to start moving in a way they never moved before and in an unnatural way. It makes a groove beneath the skin’s surface and with repetitive squinting this groove becomes permanent giving birth to a wrinkle. Again, there can be many reasons why we squint- weak eyes, sharp sun, etc. It is imperative that we note the reason why we squint and deal with it accordingly. Never forget to step out of your house without sunglasses. It will protect to eyes from the harmful UV rays and prevent you from squinting. Also, if your eyes are weak and you need spectacles for better vision then you better get it done fast before the first groove and wrinkle crops up.

Another caution is to take note of your sleep position. American Academy of Dermatology says that the position you sleep in can make for a grave wrinkle problem. Take for example, if you are sleeping on your sides then the skin of one of your cheek and chin gets wrinkled and remains like that all night. Look at your face in the mirror once you wake up in the morning; you will see fine lines on your cheek and chin which will be permanent if you continue sleeping on your sides night after night. Even sleeping with your face down can have the same effect. It is always advisable to sleep on your back to avoid wrinkles. You might find it a tad uneasy but if the goal is to reduce sleep lines and grooves then sleeping on your back and sacrificing your favorite sleeping position is not too much to ask.

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Aging is one nightmare no one wants to see but it is inevitable and has to be dealt with before the symptoms start showing up. No one wants to get old, wrinkly and visibly aged. Your face is the first place where you can spot signs of aging whereas it is the last place you want them to show up. Aging does happen but some factors make the process start earlier than expected and make you age much faster than you naturally do. It is imperative you avoid treading certain paths to prevent premature aging and stay young for as long as possible.

One of the primary reasons you age early is improper and unhealthy diet. When was the last time you bought some fresh fruits in a large quantity and went on a fruit-only diet for a day or two? I am sure you don’t remember. Fresh fruits and raw vegetables aid in preventing premature aging as they provide your skin with essential nutrients, which a cooked meal cannot. Comprise your food of brightly colored fruits like berries (strawberry, blueberry, etc.), citrus fruits (orange, guava, etc.) or any other fruit that you come across.

Avoid having food that is fried and full of sugar and fats. They damage skin and promote premature aging. Having a pizza here and a burger there is acceptable but when this poison enters your body almost every day then you know what happens- wrinkles. The sun causes another major blow to your skin. The sun’s UV rays are infamous for their ill effects on the outer and inner layer of the skin. Long durations in the sun will gradually cause wrinkles and pigmentation on your skin resulting in premature aging.

Smokers beware! Smoking brings along wrinkles and aging apart from having numerous ill effects on overall health. Smoking blocks the flow of required amount of oxygen in the blood and skin. For a young skin and to prevent premature aging, avoid active as well as passive smoking. Yes, it can be tough initially but when you see the results you won’t regret your decision. Another must-do for a young, wrinkle-free skin is to take sufficient sleep. Since sleeping is the only time when the body recuperates from its wear and tear of the day, at least 7-8 hours of sound sleep is another prerequisite for a great looking, young skin.

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