Posted in Fashion on February 17, 2009

Yellow stands for: Joy, Intellect, Energy, Honor, Loyalty, Warmth, Cleanliness and Fresh Beginnings.

girl-yellow-dressAs the color of sunshine, yellow automatically creates a warming effect. It is known to promote cheerfulness, stimulate mental activity and generate muscle energy. It can be a great therapeutic tool for those feeling depressed or those with low energy, especially in winter months when the sun shines less throughout the day. However, used in excessive amounts it can be damaging. Studies show it can have a disturbing effect. In fact, several studies have shown babies cry more in yellow rooms. In contrast, painting a closet yellow can instantly brighten up the dark space.

The color yellow can produce an array of different energies. Most of the effects produced by the color are positive. However, there are a few effects some people may see as negative. The perception of the effects is very subjective and fully depends on the perception you want to put out into the world.

Positive effects include: Happiness, Mood Boosts, Self-Esteem Boosts, Attention, Loyalty and Attractiveness.

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