Posted in Beauty on December 23, 2013

For healthy and youthful looking skin vitamin E plays a very important role.  Vitamin E is also called vitamin of beauty, because it catalyzes a chemical reaction that improves the condition of your skin.  Vitamin E has been known to make all the difference in your skin quality and it also slows down aging.  You can get easy and lot of vitamin E from sun!  So, what about all that sun damage? Answer is do not sun bathe.  You should protect your skin with good quality sunscreen with sun filters. It should also contain Vitamin E in high concentration.

To reduce fine lines you can use pure vitamin E products on a daily basis. There are good serums in the market to prevent fine lines before they are formed. They are also recommended for younger people to maintain their youthful looks.  It is beneficial to all skin types’ especially dry, sensitive, chapped and problem skin. It moisturizes and promotes healing. It helps relieve skin redness and prevents age spots. Skin can be classified as normal, sensitive dry, oily, acneic, blemished, asphyxiated, dehydrated and confused.

Facial exercises are very effective in preventing fine lines on forehead and corners of your mouth.  Avoid stress, smoking and hard liquor at all times; although 4 to 8oz. of red wine is acceptable. There are many quick fixes for a glowing youthful skin which are simple and easy to do.

For a very good toner, rub the pulp of ripe papaya on the face; leave it for half an hour before washing.  Take one tablespoon of cold milk add few drops of lime juice, rub this on your face, keep it as long as you can or keep it overnight if possible wash it off next morning with warm water for glowing skin.

Massage face with almond oil with upward strokes on fine line area; leave it over night wash with warm water in the morning. Cut open a Vitamin E capsule add few drops of glycerin and apply, wash after 15-20 minutes.

Add half a teaspoon of honey with rice powder, smoothen the lines with this paste, leave it for half an hour and wash. Massage with good old petroleum jelly, Vaseline, every night has also shown significant results. Apply grated tomato pulp mix with cucumber juice and wash after 20 minutes. Face pack of mashed strawberries is also a quick fix for wrinkles.

Home remedies for skin can be repeated everyday for best results.

Posted in Beauty on December 16, 2013

The first sign of aging is spotting of a wrinkle near your eyes or lips and that is the day when you start feeling old already, no matter what your age is. Wrinkles need not occur after you touch your middle age- they can haunt you any time and due to any reason. There are numerous causes of wrinkles but not all of them can be tackled but for those that can be, here are a few tips.

One of the most important, and sometimes unavoidable, reasons of wrinkle formation is repetitive facial movement. Yes, it is true. When we were kids, our parents always prevented us from making a certain kind of funny facial expression but then we loved being weird and didn’t understand their intentions behind it. Facial movement, like squinting, causes facial muscles to start moving in a way they never moved before and in an unnatural way. It makes a groove beneath the skin’s surface and with repetitive squinting this groove becomes permanent giving birth to a wrinkle. Again, there can be many reasons why we squint- weak eyes, sharp sun, etc. It is imperative that we note the reason why we squint and deal with it accordingly. Never forget to step out of your house without sunglasses. It will protect to eyes from the harmful UV rays and prevent you from squinting. Also, if your eyes are weak and you need spectacles for better vision then you better get it done fast before the first groove and wrinkle crops up.

Another caution is to take note of your sleep position. American Academy of Dermatology says that the position you sleep in can make for a grave wrinkle problem. Take for example, if you are sleeping on your sides then the skin of one of your cheek and chin gets wrinkled and remains like that all night. Look at your face in the mirror once you wake up in the morning; you will see fine lines on your cheek and chin which will be permanent if you continue sleeping on your sides night after night. Even sleeping with your face down can have the same effect. It is always advisable to sleep on your back to avoid wrinkles. You might find it a tad uneasy but if the goal is to reduce sleep lines and grooves then sleeping on your back and sacrificing your favorite sleeping position is not too much to ask.

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