Posted in Beauty on January 14, 2014

These days’ people prefer using sunscreens instead of normal moisturisers. There are different names used for sunscreen like sunburn cream, sunblock, sun cream, suntan lotion and block out. Sunscreens come in form of lotions, gel, spray or tropical products. The main feature of sunscreen lotion is that it reflects the ultra violet rays from the sun that fall on skin when it is exposed to sunlight. Sunscreen is basically used to protect skin from UV rays as well as sun burns caused due to sunlight. Light coloured skin is more prone to damage from sunlight in comparison to dark skin.

While choosing your sunscreen you should always keep in mind the SPF. SPF is known as the sun protection factor. The high SPF sunscreen will protect your skin more from sun rays in comparison to the sunscreen with low SPF. Different types of skin require different SPF factor for skin protection. Avobenzone is used in sunscreens as this product has the ability to absorb UV rays released from sun. Ultraviolet – A is generally the longest wavelength of sunlight that takes the major portion of 95% of UV rays of sun that reaches earth.

Sunscreen helps in prevention of melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma which are the root cause of skin cancer. Risk of skin cancer can be avoided by avoiding sun tanning with the usage of right kind of sunscreen for your skin. We all are aware that due to depletion of ozone layer around the sun, the UV rays of sun has started reaching earth and now there is need for sunscreen all year around. Prevention is always better than cure so it is advisable that sunscreen should be used each time you step out of your house. Ideally you should apply the sunscreen fifteen minutes before stepping out because the skin takes some time to absorb the sunscreen and be effective.

What type of sunscreen and how much to apply during seasons differ from person to person. People need to consult some reputed skin specialist in order to know about their skin type and what type of sunscreen will suit their skin. The quantity for application of sunscreen differs from season to season. For example, in winters many people take sun bath so it is very important for them to apply lots of sunscreen on body before they take the sun bath. The sunscreen that you choose should preferably be water resistant and should be able to provide broad spectrum coverage.