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Skincare is very important these days because the moment we step out from our house, there is exposure to pollution. As soon as our skin comes in contact with this pollution skin problems like acne starts. So it becomes very important that we all take good care of skin so that our skin always remains fresh and healthy. The basic skin care tip to keep it free from acne is regular face wash every time you come back home from outdoors. The main root cause of acne is overproduction of sebum which is a natural oil produced by skin and hair.

Zit is also kind acne and it is caused when excess of oil gets trapped in the skin pores. Under the skin formations are a major cause of corcern for people suffering from Acne. These gigantic under the skin acne formations don’t have a head that rises to the surface. These zits should not be squeezed as this will result in bleeding and will also leave a scar on your face. The best way to treat this type of zit is heat as heat will draw bacteria upward and will also help in softening of the pore. Black tea bags can also be used in reducing inflammation.

Salicylic acid can be applied to treat infection caused due to pimples, acne and zits. Acne is not a dangerous thing but it can become so as it can leave scars on the skin. Pimples generally grow when follicles get blocked and the oil starts getting accumulated under the skin. Pimples tend to appear on face, chest, neck and shoulders. Experts believe that the main root cause of acne is the raised level of androgen hormone in human body. The level of this androgen hormone rises when a child enters the adolescent stage.

Benzoyl peroxide helps in clearing pores and helps a lot in treating acne and pimples. Sulphur also helps in breaking of blackheads and whiteheads on skin. People should try to consult a skin care expert on regular basis so that he can help and guide you with proper skin care treatments for healthy skin forever. People should try to use medicated soaps, gels and creams that will help them in maintaining their skin. Acne, pimples and zits are no longer big issues as there are special skin care treatments available in market and moreover with proper skincare on a regular basis you can get rid of Acne forever.

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With an onslaught of shampoo commercials on TV, featuring models with long, smooth and super straight tresses, it is no wonder that a big chunk of the women population want their hair to look impeccably perfect. As a result, hair salons offering hair-straightening services continue to mushroom all over. Do-it-yourself hair treatments, hair ironing kits, and other various hair products are constantly being upgraded, with new and improved.


To say that there’s a great variety of hair-straightening methods and products to choose from is an understatement. Women find themselves in a dilemma on what would suit them, and bring out the best results. Among their major concerns is cost. When it comes to hair treatment, does price really matter? Will a more expensive process generate better results, or do cheaper ones suffice?


Factors to consider:


1. Hair Condition


Needless to say, more work translates to higher costs. The curlier the hair, the more expensive the salon treatment or hair product will be.


2. Treatment life span


One has to choose whether she wants her hair to be straight permanently or for a certain period only. While some women prefer to have hair a la Cher for their entire life, others love experimenting with various hairstyles – frizzy one day, super straight the next. A permanent treatment’s rate will of course be higher than a temporary one.


3. Maintenance


When one constantly takes good care of her hair, especially after undergoing a hair-straightening treatment, there will be less frequent salon visits necessary.


$$$$$: Chemically straightened treatment done by professionals in a salon


While there are hair straightening formulas readily available in the market, it is still recommended to leave the chemicals to the experts. The reason is simple: dealing with strong chemicals requires technical know-how of the entire hair straightening process. Also, professionals will be able to evaluate one’s hair condition to find out how strong the chemicals will be used, to avoid any damage.


$$$$: Hair ironing kit


While this hair tool is, of course, cheaper than a salon visit, it does not guarantee lasting results. Hair irons come in various types. Those using metal plates are usually the cheapest, but it is not recommended for regular use because its surface will cause hair damage in the long run. The ceramide hair iron is considered gentler and effective, but it comes with a higher price tag. Using ceramic plates, this kind of iron is smoother, which will result in better flattening of hair. It also has a better control in temperature, that will prevent burning and permanent hair damage. In buying a hair iron, make sure to test it before buying. Thoroughly read and follow the instructions included in the kit. When you regularly iron your hair, avoid using other chemical treatments, such as coloring dyes, because it might result in hair damage. It is also recommended to have a regular trim to prevent split ends from occurring.


$$$: Hair dryer


Amazingly, despite the emergence of newer hair straightening products, the good old hair dryer is still surviving, and in fact, still widely used. Perhaps among the cheapest of hair straightening products, the hair dryer still remains to be reliable in temporarily managing frizzy hair. Like the hair iron its results last only until the next wash. Before starting, make sure the hair is free of tangles by using a wide toothed comb. It should also be slightly moist. Use a large and round brush for better results. Setting lotion, gel or leave-on conditioner may also be applied after blowing the hair to eliminate frizz and achieve a smoother, silkier appearance. –

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