Posted in Lifestyle on August 9, 2009

girl-long-legsEvery now and then people have expressed their concerns over prescription medication to take care of toenail fungus.  The fungus looks like it’s on the surface yet the medication is ingested.  There must be something safer for us to combat  toenail fungus problem.   that can be applied directly to the toenail.  Are there any FDA registered treatments?

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Posted in Lifestyle on July 30, 2009

toenail-fungus-nailFirst Case of Nail Fungus

The first case of nail infection was of the subungual type, with the nail being soft, brittle, and opaque. This characterizes onychomycosis due to Microsporum racemosum, and was detected in 1997 from a 60-year-old housewife. The patient was diagnosed at Servicio de Dermatologíca del Hospital Universitario “Puerta del Mar” in Spain and was successfully treated with itraconazole (100 g/day).  Itraconazole was administered orally for 12 weeks and to which the patient responded positively; the patient was then discharged. Read more …

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