Posted in Beauty on June 8, 2012

Facial wrinkles may be embarrassing and frustrating, but nothing can be more frustrating than the feeling of hopelessness when it comes to dealing with them.  Nobody likes to see them appear but it is what happens to us as we age.  However, there are things that we can do to reduce them or reduce the likelihood of developing them.  It is never too late to start taking care of our face so our skin can look smooth and youthful.  Below are the 1,2,3 that not only women but men can also follow.


1. Stay Out of the Sun


It can be difficult to stay out of the sun completely. After all, we need the sunlight for our bodies to produce vitamin D which is critical for our body to absorb calcium.  Dermatologists recommend that we stay out of the sun during the noon times when the rays are stronger and can cause the most harm.  If needed, keep our faces in the shade and expose our arms and legs to get the vitamin D.  We can easily do that with a hat that has wide brim and wearing sunglasses.  Keep in mind that while sunscreens protect us from the sun, some of them maybe actually be unhealthy to use.


2. Eat a Healthy Diet


Our skin health plays a key role in their ability to repair themselves and delay the process of aging.  It is thought that deep lines and fine ones may be symptoms of unhealthy skin.  Our bodies can repair the damage that leads to wrinkle formation, but only if it has the right tools.  There are foods that have been identified to contribute to wrinkles formation.  These are the foods we need to avoid.  In general, we should cut back and reduce on simple carbohydrates. They lead to the formation of grotesque molecules called AGEs that have been cited by scientists to cause facial wrinkles.


3. Take an Antioxidant Rich Nutritional Supplement


Although AGEs mentioned above are known to cause wrinkles, the biggest culprit of all are the free radicals.  Free radicals damage our skin. A great way for our body to reverse the effects of these free radicals is to take antioxidants.  Antioxidants are found mainly in fruits and vegetables.  But even if we are eating the recommended 4-6 servings of fruits and vegetables every day, we are probably not getting enough antioxidants to revers the damage. A good dosage of supplements will definitely help.


4. Use a Facial Cleanser Containing Kiwifruit Extract


All nutritionists agree, Kiwifruit is rich in antioxidants.  The unique antioxidants found in kiwifruit are extracted and added to facial cleansers.  Both men and women can use this type of gentle cleanser to help reduce their facial wrinkles.


5. Use a Facial Fluid or Day Cream


Facial Fluids? Well.. that’s for men. And for Women? It’s Day Cream. While both contain similar ingredients, they are specifically designed for one gender or the other. Facial Fluids tend to have more natural anti-flammatories while the Day Creams tend to have more antioxidants for effectively reducing facial wrinkles.  Does that mean men cannot use day cream? Well… that’s up to them.


6. Use an Anti-Aging Mask


Just like what the name says. Anti-Aging masks have one of the greatest benefits which are that when used properly, they can dramatically improve the skins firmness. And the firmer the skin, the less likely it will show a line or a wrinkle. But, there is a catch. Anti-Aging masks are designed for occasional use.


7. Always Choose Safe and Natural Skincare Products


This goes without saying.  We should always choose safe and natural products. This is because some skincare products contain free radicals. Whether you are a man or a woman, make sure you choose a company that uses only the safest and most natural ingredients in their skincare products. Research has shown that natural ingredients are not only safer but are actually more effective than the synthetic ones, many of which are derived from petrochemicals (a source of free radicals)


Now, don’t forget to follow the above 7 steps.  Together with safe and natural skincare products, wrinkles can become a thing of the past for everyone. Wouldn’t that be nice?