Posted in Beauty on September 7, 2009

A light complexion

This is the key word complexion Today, the light! A nice complexion is a complexion giving the illusion of naturalness. Becki Newton play this card with a modern complexion bright. To be like her, choose a background complexion fluid corresponding to the complexion of your skin. For best results, choose a brush bi-material, such as exists at Mac in particular. For the light effect, opt for a touch or a light beautiful makeup concealer one shade lighter. Work the ring, the middle of the forehead, around the nose, chin and upper lip. A tip of a pink blush on the cheekbones and a light powder on top of your cheekbones will eventually refine complexion. It’ll just powder for a better grip in the daytime, and to avoid shine.


Cat’s eyes

Sobriety worked for the look of Becki Newton. With his beautiful blue eyes, the actress opted for a brown eye shadow. Put the paint on the entire eyelid and flush with the lower lashes for more intensity. Blend the blush in the hollow eyelid to give a smoky effect. A tip of a golden eye in the hollow of the eye will add a light effect. It intensifies the look with a brown pencil for storm lashes interiors. Then opt for a lengthening mascara for glamorous. Do not forget your eyebrows. They also participate in the success of your makeup. A quick brush up to discipline them. Step up and then redesign their mark with a pencil or eyeshadow the same color as your eyebrows.


A hungry mouth

For a hungry mouth so Becki Newton Nothing could be easier. Start by moisturize your lips with a nourishing balm. Choose a lipstick light pink, then for a neutral colored lip gloss. Light, shine and glamor and the appointment!


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