Posted in Beauty on October 4, 2013

Personal hygiene is very important and feet form an integral part of your personality. Your feet should always look neat and clean with a nice foot ware to give it an attractive look. We often concentrate on how are face looks or focus on hair and skin and ignore our feet. But if we ignore our feet, we would always feel incomplete both in terms of maintaining hygiene and good personality. Also, feet carry us around the whole day so it is all the more important for us to take care of our feet.

A foot scrub massage for 5-7 minutes will remove all the dead skin from your feet. Sugar Scrub is one of the most popular and convenient options available and is very effective. Removing dead skin is very important because if it is not removed time to time, it can cause cracks, which apart from being painful look awfully filthy. Before using a foot scrub, one should soak the feet in Luke warm water for about 2 minutes to soften the feet. Pumice stone is also used to remove the dead skin; it’s a tried and tested traditional method and gives amazing results.

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