Posted in Beauty on June 3, 2012

Looked into the mirror lately only to see a haggard, tired face peering back at you?


Are you asking yourself, “What happened to that young face I used to wear?” If so, you are the perfect candidate for a facial exercise makeover.


Without anything harmful or invasive, facial exercise, using isometric contraction with resistance, will begin to lift the stress and tiredness from your face.


Rather than resorting to injections that plump and paralyze or a surgical procedure that can empty your bank account, you can easily begin to engage those sagging facial muscles using proven techniques that will deliberately and systematically change and update your appearance.


How exciting is that?


Opting for facial exercise has many benefits – first, there’s no cutting of perfectly healthy tissue.  You probably have already figured out that when tissue is cut, excised and sutured that you set yourself up for infection and a physical result that may not be to your liking. Statistics have stated that over 30% of plastic surgery users do not care for their results.  Why is that? Is it because neither the patient nor their family recognizes that face they used to love? Maybe the family doesn’t really know hot to approach the subject of your new look because it is a glaring and startling departure from who you were.


The very same thing happens when you see your favorite aunt with her cheeks so wildly puffed that her eyes are barely apparent and the conversations are now difficult as you want to just ask her “What in the world happened to your face?!?”


One of the best features of using facial exercise is that you look like you looked years ago with a fresh, vibrant complexion while your once sagging muscles that produced hooded eyes, a double chin, down turned mouth corners, jowls and pouches definitely improve day after day. Most facial exercise users report that they look five, ten and even fifteen years younger after only 9 to 12 weeks of exercise.


Is a facial exercise routine cumbersome in regards to the time spent exercising?  Not at all. Once you learn how to execute, anchor and contract the muscles and muscle groups, you can easily complete the routine in just minutes a day and once you have completed the initial program, you can maintain your new look by exercising only three times each week.


Imagine, no recovery time, no stitches, no drugs and beast of all – No Surprises!


Choosing facial exercise over surgery and injections will keep you looking much younger than your peers. You have probably realized that facial plastic surgery and the accompanying lasers and injections do not necessarily make people look younger; rather, those man-made procedures can make a person look distorted, done and even over-done.


Facial exercise is natural, it works for everyone and there are no regrets. What could be easier? And, the best part is that you keep your beautiful face and people will recognize you! You’ll just keep looking better than you have in years without spending a lot of money or regretting your decision to let someone put foreign stuff in your face.

Posted in Beauty on June 2, 2012

Exercising the face has gotten a lot of attention in the last few years with all the books, articles and discussions about what is often called “face yoga”, but it’s nothing new.


Jack Lalanne proposed that exercising your face can tighten the muscles, decrease fat deposits and make you age quite wonderfully.


As a result, many celebrities have been secretly using these techniques for decades, but perhaps there is some danger in using them after all.


Dr. Shultz claims that you can actually make yourself look order one day, because you only have so much elasticity in your facial skin, and by doing these exercises he believes that you are inadvertently speeding up the process of aging, going on to explain that there are only so many times that the skin can be stretched before it will just quit returning to it’s original state.


On the other hand, Jack Lalanne, who passed away at the age of 96 didn’t look a day over 60 when he did.


Then there is Eva Fraser, founder of a facial exercising program that she developed for herself under the training of German Madame Hoffman.  Eva began at age 50 and is now in her 80s, but you would never know by looking at pictures of her.


Some people have noticed that the biggest critics of face exercises are people in the plastic surgery and dermatology professions, which has led many to speculate that they might have hidden motives to steer people to their business which is more lucrative.  Why pay for their expensive services when you can simply exercise your face?


Although plastic surgery can be an option for some people, many don’t like the “plastic” look and fixed facial expressions that have become so stereotypical with these procedures, and instead have turned to using face exercises to zap away facial fat and as an effective way to reduce the signs of aging.


There are well over 40 muscles in the human face, with many exercises that are designed to work each on independently of one another.  Many of these facial exercises use resistance to build up and strengthen these muscles.  And the result? Tightening of the skin that covers them and decreasing the amount of space that fat has to reside in.


So, plastic surgery for you or facial exercises?

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