Posted in Beauty on May 13, 2014

pore-minimizing-secretThe skin of individuals is not very different from a sponge because it tends to absorb various impurities like dirt very quickly. Pores can become extremely visible when they become clogged with some substances such as oil. There isn’t anything that can be done by people for shrinking their pores on a permanent basis. However, there are some steps that can be taken by individuals for reducing the size of the pores of their skin and also decrease the blemishes on it. The steps are highly simple, but should be followed regularly to make the pores appear as small and non-existent as possible. The steps are mentioned here:

1-     An oil-free cleanser should be purchased by people for cleansing their face when they want to shrink their pores. The cleaner should include either glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids or some antibacterial ingredient, for instance, tea tree oil. The cleaner should be used at least two times in a day.

2-     Exfoliating cleanser should also be used by people for skin care, skin exfoliation and the removal of dead skin cells. The pores will remain small when people make it a habit of exfoliating at least two to three times on a weekly basis. People can find numerous exfoliators in the market, but they should only choose one that has been designed especially for their skin type.

3-     A clarifying toner should for toning the skin, purifying the skin and removing any residual exfoliant or cleanser. Toners are ideal for tightening and refreshing pores and can also restore the pH balance of the skin after it has been cleansed. But, it is essential to choose a toner that goes with your skin type. A moisturizing toner is best for individual with dry skin while people with oily skin will prefer one that’s oil-free.pore-minimizer

4-     A special beauty treatment for minimizing pores should be used. Numerous options have been developed in the market that promote a smooth complexion and can also shrink pores. They are usually available in a cream or gel form.

5-     A moisturizer should be used for moisturizing the skin and a mattifying cream can be added as well. It is applied over the moisturizer and is available in the form of silicon-based gel. It is helpful in filling the pores to make them reduce in size and gives a shine to the skin.

6-     A dermatologist can also be visited if people suffer from pores that are severely blocked. A retinoid cream might be prescribed for getting rid of oil buildup and exfoliating and cleansing the pores. In case prescription medication isn’t given, the size of the pores may also be reduced by the dermatologist with the help of a laser, light or chemical peel treatment.

7-     People should also start eating healthy and curb on processed foods. They contain trans-fatty acids that aren’t beneficial for the skin so people should eat more fruits and vegetables that have special skin-benefiting properties and can help with pore size.