Posted in Beauty on September 21, 2009

Hair extensions are now one of the most sought after ‘must have’ beauty accessories around and if you are anything like me and do not want to have to wait and grow your own hair, hair extensions are great because they allow you to have long hair in an instant. This means you can have your own hair cut very short but by adding some hair extensions it will look as though you have very long hair.


Hair Extensions Let You Have The Best Of Both Worlds


If you are anything like me and do not like spending all of your time doing your hair then hair extensions are a must for your wardrobe. Hair extensions allow you to have a variety of different hair style choices at your finger tips. This enables you to have your own hair cut in a short manageable style which will take less of your time and at the same time if you fancy a change or decide you want long hair then the hair extensions can be added to your hair in a matter of minutes. This convenience is great as some people embark on lots of different sports and hobbies these days where long hair would become a hindrance but hair extensions would not be a problem.


Do not be too worried by the cost of hair extensions as these days they have come down in price compared to what they used to be. It will pay for you to do a bit of research before you decide on the hair extensions best for you as they do vary in price and quality from store to store. There are also two types of hair extensions available today that you can buy and if you had the time and wanted to save more money you could even decide to make the hair extensions yourself.


The first type of hair extensions are those that are woven into your hair by your hairdresser. This is a very time consuming process and can take several hours. These hair extensions are the most expensive and will last in the region of about three months before they will need to be removed.


The second type of hair extensions are those that you can purchase almost anywhere and come with a clip attached. These can be purchased in lots of different colors and in varying lengths. These hair extensions are far less expensive and far more convenient as you can add and remove them when you prefer. These hair extensions can also be purchased in different thicknesses so you can really have fun experimenting with lots of different hair styles. -