Posted in Fashion on July 8, 2012

Every article you read nowadays is about hair coloring, this color works better for this you and that color works best for that you.  In today’s society where coloring ones hair is more about what products to buy and what color is the current must have color, one often forgets that there are some rules on when NOT to color your hair.


Yes.. we all know that girl. Every time you see her, she has a different color hair. One week it might be streaked with blond highlights, the next it is vibrant red. And so it goes until the day you see her with an extremely short cut or worse yet, a ball cap. When you ask what happened, she blames it on a color disaster. She got a hold of a box of color that had something wrong with it or some similar excuse. But you’ve seen it coming. I mean, how many times can you actually color your hair without it falling out?

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