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proper-use-dry-shampooWhen your hair is anything but fresh, the only way you can make it seem so is with a dry shampoo. There are days when you shut off your alarm and go back to sleep and when you get up, you barely have time to put some decent clothes on and rush to work or class. As a perverse joke, you seem to have the worst cases of bed head on such frantic occasions. It seems as if the coffers in your head have decided to open up and unleash as much oil as possible, leaving your locks flat, dry and vulnerable to frizz. Dry shampoos become the best alternative if you want to refresh your hair quickly.

What do they do?

Primarily, dry shampoos are considered the perfect product for absorbing pesky oils and grease in between washes and can also give some volume to your hair. This shampoo can be used by people when they don’t have access to water, but need to get rid of some gunk in your hair to give it a little life. The best part is that this shampoo doesn’t strip the head of oils because it doesn’t make your hair as good as it gets after a shower, but it will be enough to last for a couple of days.

How many kinds of dry shampoos are there?dry-shampoo-tips

There are a variety of dry shampoos that can be found in the market today as they have become a secret styling tool for those leading hectic and busy lives. The aerosol spray is used by most people, but they are also available in powder form if that doesn’t work for you. There are also organic dry shampoos available in the market, which are composed of only natural ingredients that can be used safely.

What do they contain?

There is a lot of gas in most of the dry shampoos. One can of dry shampoo typically contains a mixture of absorbing agents, aerosol propellants, conditioning agents, solvents, emulsifying agents, fragrances and preservatives. However, these ingredients can leave particles and odor in the air, due to which the use of dry powder shampoo is recommended by people.

Can dry shampoo be made?

These days, it has become possible for people to make any product they want at home, as long as they have access to the necessary ingredients. Dry shampoo can also be concocted in the kitchen because a few important ingredients that are needed include baking soda, salt, oatmeal, baby powder, cornmeal, cornstarch and oatmeal, all of which can easily be found there.

How do you use it?

Just with every product, excessive use of something is never beneficial. The same is applicable to dry shampoo. Buildup can be created if it is sprayed too close to the head. The spray should be kept about six inches away from the head and should be sprayed near the roots for getting the desirable results. The dry shampoo will dissolve easily when individuals comb, brush or tousle their hair.

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‘I wish I had long hair’, you very often hear women saying this when they see someone with long flowing healthy hair. But ask those who maintain them, how much they have to work for their long hair. Yes you too can have long hair just work a little more and start caring for your hair because at an average your hair grows six inches in twelve months.


How to grow long hair? First of all love your hair, give it a good wash and condition it and comb them well. All you need to do is basically keep them neat, tidy and clean. Try using more natural products for your hair because products usually carry chemicals. Do deep conditioning, give a good oil massage on the scalp near the roots and then place a shower cap over your hair. Run a blower dryer for five to ten minutes to give heat so that the oil penetrates into the roots. Leave it for at least half an hour or may be over night also for better results, then take a shower with cold water. This gives a good result for your hair care. Protect your hair from external exposure, which damages resulting in slow and bad growth. Dehydration is another factor, which can hinder your hair growth. Drink at least two to three liters of water.  Avoid junk food, as it is not healthy eating, sleep well. Sleep makes you feel relaxed and stress free. Stress never lets anyone or anything grows so keep you stress free. You can choose to do yoga and regular exercises. Do meditation as it keeps you mentally free.  Make your diet full of proteins, vitamins and minerals, which are needed for the growth. If your hair is slightly shorter than the desired length, you can make them look lengthier than they are by using simple tricks. By using a straightened you can make it look a little longer as they will straighten out all the waves you have. Do not pin up your hair and let it be loose it will show its length.


Some tips and tricks for long hair. Example you pick up hair from the crown and make ponytail and then next pick up rest of the hair and make a ponytail just under the previous one so that the second ponytail is hidden. You can also use extension clips but just make sure the hair color matches with yours and so on you can find many ways to make them look longer than they actually are!


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