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It is a natural feeling that every person wants to appear smart and beautiful. A number of cosmetic companies are offering fake beautification accessories at a reduced price. It is a fact that people get easily lead by the false promises and assurances and get trapped in the glamorous world of fake on line dealers. The products are actually of minimal standard. This is the reason why if you are intending to better your outward appearance then choose only very high quality products for physical wellness and beautification.


On the other hand, the glow and skin texture of the face increases with effective mineral make up. Impurities as well as chemical elements are absent in the mineral make up. Basically this type of facial makeup is made of crashed dust of rock and other natural ingredients for brightening up the skin textures. The face will remain protected from natural harshness and dust particles. Use of mineral make up is not a new concept but had come in use way back in 1980’s. There are a number of benefits that a mineral make up has and people have started to opt for it.The cost of makeup is not high. The functionalities of the different make up kits are to be understood first before selecting one for yourself and for this it is advisable to consult an expert.


If you check information booklets and discuss vastly with experts, you will certainly know that natural mineral makeup is always healthy and suitable to different types of skin textures These mineral make up kits have the least chances of giving harmful side effects since the manufacturers of these make up kits have used modern technologies to increase the external beauty of the skin.

Posted in Beauty on September 11, 2009

This year’s ladylike feel to fashion is replicated in the very colorful, fresh and feminine styles in make-up. The natural look and very bold, colorful trends are the way ahead. This year the rule book for makeup has been re-written.




Natural makeup will yet again – be popular in the Spring/Summer 2011 season. Sport a flawless complexion, sun-kissed skin and silky lips. Natural beauty cannot be topped so you can once again flaunt your beauty without too much effort and still manage to look trendy and fabulous.


For a daywear look, create flawless looking skin using concealer and makeup. Define your cheeks subtly, apply mascara on your eyelashes and allow your lips to remain bare or apply a subtle, natural looking lipstick. Apply a neutral-colored eyeshadow. This looks suits all women and all ages so no wonder it is oh-so-popular. This is an ideal look to sport with this year’s 60s revival look.
For a more feminine/romantic look, break some rules: use coral red shadow combined with white eyeliner matched with rose pink lips. Unusual color combinations, such as natural greens with pinks, are also making waves in the natural beauty department.




Many of this year’s styles focus on drama and glamour. The 70s sophisticate look has a particular emphasis on high glamour.


The move from high gloss lips on the catwalks to matte lipsticks has given the bold lip look a more refined touch very much in keeping with this season’s styles. The lip colors for this season are vibrant reds, bold oranges – a prominent color this year – and sultry pinks.


Directing attention towards the eyes can be a great option especially for eveningwear. Brightly colored eyes have been prominent on the catwalk for some time now but haven’t so far made much headway into street fashion. This year the colors are bold but the application is more refined and eminently more wearable.


Bold eyeshadow colors such as red, orange, yellow, hot pink, green and blue are very fashionable this season. Apply your favorite bright-colored eyeshadow, pair with cat-like eyeliner and natural-looking falsies or black mascara. Smokey eye makeup looks like it will never lose its beauty: use black and gray eyeshadow or go for dark blue to enhance your eyes.


“Never match your makeup to your dress” is another rule to break in 2011. Pick a shade that compliments or is the same as your outfit and apply abundantly around the eyes. Add shimmer to the inner corner of the eye – electric blue glitter or silver and gold will do just great – metallics also have their place this year – and try eyeliner in similar electric colors on the upper lid. Highlight with shimmer in the inside corner of your eyes, add mascara, darken those brows and voila – a vibrant but refined look.


Whether dramatic or demure, make up this year is cool, refined and elegant. However you color it, it’s going to be a rules-breaking season!

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