Posted in Beauty on December 30, 2013

Under-eye dark circles leave a person looking aged and unhealthy. There can be many causes of dark circles but they can be reduced and, in some cases, completely deleted. Let us check out the best under-eye dark circle healers.

Have you ever heard of the term ‘beauty sleep’? Yes, adequate and required amount of sleep benefits the body in more ways than one. Since sleep is body’s mechanism for healing daily wear and tear, sleep creates new cells, relaxes the muscles, supplies enough oxygen to every part of the body and most importantly, it is the only time when you are stress-free. All these are rudimentary for a healthy, dark circle-free skin. 7-9 hours of sleep is a must if you love your skin and your overall health.

Cut down on intake of certain items if you are looking to get rid of under-eye circles. Habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, caffeine, taking drugs, etc. are extremely testing to get rid of but at the same time one has to realize that they are slow poisons which cause more harm than good. Throw them far away from your life or consume only the amount that is healthy for you, if you want your eyes to stay away from puffiness and dark circles. Due to whatever reasons you already have dark circles then include lots of vitamins, minerals, calcium and magnesium in your diet to fade them away. These nutrients will restart your lost and puzzled adrenalin function, which is essential in restoring collagen and health in your skin.

Get rid of any kind of allergies and take proper medications. Smoking also kills the good health of your under-eye skin and makes it puffy and dark. Eat lots of fresh fruits and raw vegetables to get the required amount of nutrition that boosts your skin’s health. Some do-it-at-home remedies can also aid in tackling under-eye dark circles. The coolness your eyes will get by applying cucumber slices for fifteen minutes will reduce puffiness and dark circles around your eyes. Apply an under eye cream which restores collagen and peptides of the skin to make it look healthy and dark circle-free. Collagen is lost due to aging and ill-effects of the sun- it is necessary to restore it so that along with dark circles, small capillaries around the eyes are not seen. Follow the above tips for lovely, dark circle-free eyes.