Posted in Beauty on September 23, 2009

Simply looking like a model will NOT qualify you to be called beautiful, and that is the honest truth.


Beauty is more than just the perfect hair, makeup, dress, teeth, skin and clothes. Yes, those things help make a woman look good. But beautiful is a class of its own – a class a woman like you can achieve.


Of course, looking good can help as you make your way toward being beautiful. So here are some tips to get from looking good to becoming beautiful.


Your crowning glory


You don’t need to visit the salon every week, but neither should you keep your ‘mane’ looking like a mat on your head.


Take care to keep your hair clean and shiny. On occasion (every 2 months or so), visit a hairstylist who can suggest a good cut that will suit your face and body shape.


Carry yourself like royalty
The idea is for you to be able to walk down a street WITHOUT shuffling your feet and with your head bowed down as if apologizing for your existence.


Push your shoulders back with your head resting squarely on your shoulders and stride! Walk as if every hall you pass is a runway – because it is.


You make the clothes (not the other way around)

Be realistic about your body shape. Not everyone’s got an hourglass figure (and guess what? Not everyone desires that either!). Since the 1950s, we have been concerned about major areas of body alteration and enhancement. Find out more about fat workouts that keeps you in good, healthy shape.


Don’t torture yourself by forcing your body into clothes that will not suit you. It is about as sad a thing as you could do to yourself. Take what you’ve got and dress to highlight what your mama gave you. Consult with a professional to determine what types of clothes will flatter your body shape.


Makeup not mock-up

The only time too much makeup is a good thing is when it’s on a clown or mime. Otherwise, less is more.


Much like with clothes, use makeup to highlight the nice things about your face. Are those your eyes? Your lips? Your cheeks? Caution though, if you feel your face has got all of those; choose only one part to emphasize or risk looking like a member of K.I.S.S.


Finally, the best beauty secret of all…


…love yourself! It is by far the best beauty treatment you can get. Develop a positive attitude on everything there is about you – from the way you think, to how you talk and of course how you look. People will recognize that there is something about you that makes you irresistible – and that is when you feel great about yourself, no matter what others think or say. You can start being beautiful – now!