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For healthy and youthful looking skin vitamin E plays a very important role.  Vitamin E is also called vitamin of beauty, because it catalyzes a chemical reaction that improves the condition of your skin.  Vitamin E has been known to make all the difference in your skin quality and it also slows down aging.  You can get easy and lot of vitamin E from sun!  So, what about all that sun damage? Answer is do not sun bathe.  You should protect your skin with good quality sunscreen with sun filters. It should also contain Vitamin E in high concentration.

To reduce fine lines you can use pure vitamin E products on a daily basis. There are good serums in the market to prevent fine lines before they are formed. They are also recommended for younger people to maintain their youthful looks.  It is beneficial to all skin types’ especially dry, sensitive, chapped and problem skin. It moisturizes and promotes healing. It helps relieve skin redness and prevents age spots. Skin can be classified as normal, sensitive dry, oily, acneic, blemished, asphyxiated, dehydrated and confused.

Facial exercises are very effective in preventing fine lines on forehead and corners of your mouth.  Avoid stress, smoking and hard liquor at all times; although 4 to 8oz. of red wine is acceptable. There are many quick fixes for a glowing youthful skin which are simple and easy to do.

For a very good toner, rub the pulp of ripe papaya on the face; leave it for half an hour before washing.  Take one tablespoon of cold milk add few drops of lime juice, rub this on your face, keep it as long as you can or keep it overnight if possible wash it off next morning with warm water for glowing skin.

Massage face with almond oil with upward strokes on fine line area; leave it over night wash with warm water in the morning. Cut open a Vitamin E capsule add few drops of glycerin and apply, wash after 15-20 minutes.

Add half a teaspoon of honey with rice powder, smoothen the lines with this paste, leave it for half an hour and wash. Massage with good old petroleum jelly, Vaseline, every night has also shown significant results. Apply grated tomato pulp mix with cucumber juice and wash after 20 minutes. Face pack of mashed strawberries is also a quick fix for wrinkles.

Home remedies for skin can be repeated everyday for best results.

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Enough is enough… all these articles on facial exercise but no concrete steps to follow?  Well, here they are…

Step #1
Simply scrunch your whole face up and hold it for a few seconds. This will include furrowing your forehead, wrinkling your nose and make sure that your eyes and mouth are tightly closed. After that, do the exact opposite of this – open your eyes and mouth as wide open as you can.

Step #2
Sit or stand straight and then tilt your head backward, so as to look at the ceiling. Let your lips be open, keep them loose. Then stick your tongue out and make an attempt to try to touch your chin. Hold your tongue in this stretched position for a few seconds. Eventually, pull it back and get back in normal position. To start off, minimum 5 times of this facial exercise is essential.

Step #3
With your mouth closed, purse your lips and then push your mouth up to the left and then to the right. Then grin from ear to ear and let your eyes be wide open. This is a great exercise for eyes as well as cheeks.

Step #4
This is really effective against wrinkles, especially on the forehead. Place your index fingers slightly above your eyes. Then pull your eyes down while raising your eyebrows. Both these things have to be done simultaneously. To achieve a good outcome of this exercise, it should be done 5 to 10 times.

Step #5
Okay this exercise coming up can help you have those perfect lips. In this exercise, what you need to do is to suck on your finger as hard as you can. After that, slowly remove your finger from your mouth. This facial exercise will help firm your lips.

Step #6
For this exercise, you would need to sit straight and then tilt your head back, for starters. Meanwhile, try to keep your lips closed and relaxed. Follow that up by moving your lower lip over your upper lip, as much as you can. Hold that position till you finish counting 10. Return to your normal position and try and repeat it around 10 times.

Step #7
There are a number of facial exercises to get rid of a double chin. One of them involves sitting straight in a chair and then leaning your head back, looking at the ceiling. With lips closed and relaxed, make them round. Count till 20 and then get back to normal posture.

These are just some of the steps you can take to exercise your face.  And don’t forget to smile often.  Smiling actually uses more muscles in you face then when you frown.   So, smile, it raises your spirit and tones your face.

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