Posted in Beauty on August 4, 2014

eye-shadow-must-knowYou can make or break the image that you are trying to create for yourself if you choose the right eye-shadow that works well with your eye color. There are always options available to women in terms of style and application, professional stylists are of the opinion that only a few shades tend to work with certain eye colors. One can make their eyes stand out if they apply the correct eye-shadow that enhances their eye color.

Some of the best eye-shadow shades for different eye colors are discussed here in order to aid people in making the right choice:

Dark Brown Eyes

When people have dark brown eyes paired with fair skin, blue toned eye-shadow can help them in standing out. Skin tone should also be considered along with eye color when the eye shade is selected. Pink tones also go well with brown eyes, but should be used sparingly, considering the intensity of the shade. Less-intense and lighter tones of both blue and pink will look great with fair skin tone and brown eyes. Burnt orange tones can be used when you are after a daring look. While orange isn’t a popular choice in eye shades, it can accent brown eyes as long as it is used correctly.

Blue Eyeseye-shadow-for-my-eyes

Eye shades that match the undertones in the blue eyes are a good choice for people. Dark blue eye-shadow can be used as it will enhance the blue tones in the eyes. Both dark and light blue eyes can be enhanced with the help of shades like violet, taupe, brown, deep blue, silvery grey, peach and purple. Even more colorful shades can be used such as turquoise, coral and bright violet if you are going in darker places like clubs. Skin and hair color should also be considered. Light and bright colors should not be used in case of dark skin tone and use darker shades.

Green Eyes

When you have piercing greens, you don’t really need baby blues. Green is a very powerful color so people shouldn’t shy away from vibrant colors because it doesn’t fade under dark eye shades. Green eye color can be highlighted with certain colors such as gold and purple. Some great choices for individuals include merlot, pale gold and plums.

Grey Eyes

This color of eyes is very unusual and they usually pop out when you use complementary colors that belong to the opposite side of the color palette. Purple and deep brown shades really work well with these eyes. In case of light skin tone, lighter shades of purple and brown should be chosen while opposite should be done for dark skin color. Metallic colors are also useful for gray eyes as they can enhance them in the best possible way such as copper. For a neutral look, a color matching your eye, such as slate can also be used.

Depending on the eye color, skin and hair tone they have, people can choose the best eye shade for looking different and beautiful.