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Aging is one nightmare no one wants to see but it is inevitable and has to be dealt with before the symptoms start showing up. No one wants to get old, wrinkly and visibly aged. Your face is the first place where you can spot signs of aging whereas it is the last place you want them to show up. Aging does happen but some factors make the process start earlier than expected and make you age much faster than you naturally do. It is imperative you avoid treading certain paths to prevent premature aging and stay young for as long as possible.

One of the primary reasons you age early is improper and unhealthy diet. When was the last time you bought some fresh fruits in a large quantity and went on a fruit-only diet for a day or two? I am sure you don’t remember. Fresh fruits and raw vegetables aid in preventing premature aging as they provide your skin with essential nutrients, which a cooked meal cannot. Comprise your food of brightly colored fruits like berries (strawberry, blueberry, etc.), citrus fruits (orange, guava, etc.) or any other fruit that you come across.

Avoid having food that is fried and full of sugar and fats. They damage skin and promote premature aging. Having a pizza here and a burger there is acceptable but when this poison enters your body almost every day then you know what happens- wrinkles. The sun causes another major blow to your skin. The sun’s UV rays are infamous for their ill effects on the outer and inner layer of the skin. Long durations in the sun will gradually cause wrinkles and pigmentation on your skin resulting in premature aging.

Smokers beware! Smoking brings along wrinkles and aging apart from having numerous ill effects on overall health. Smoking blocks the flow of required amount of oxygen in the blood and skin. For a young skin and to prevent premature aging, avoid active as well as passive smoking. Yes, it can be tough initially but when you see the results you won’t regret your decision. Another must-do for a young, wrinkle-free skin is to take sufficient sleep. Since sleeping is the only time when the body recuperates from its wear and tear of the day, at least 7-8 hours of sound sleep is another prerequisite for a great looking, young skin.

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For many years’ nutritionists and dietitians have been trying to educate people about the benefits of vegetables; especially green vegetables. But it was not clear how one could incorporate green vegetables in everyone’s daily diet. Normally anything green is referred to as a salad and other greens with greater benefits are usually left out. The problem is the taste of greens which is not very appealing to most people. Broccoli has been forced down on children for generations but most parents still failed.

Greens improve your nutrition, digestion and energy eliminates cravings and helps you to loose weight. Awareness has changed a lot in the last decade and methods of cooking have undergone a drastic change. More emphasis on taste has won many hearts and green smoothies have gained popularity. Main reason for this is probably more options invented by chefs or fitness loving people. Those greens can be a gourmet dishes as well as smoothie. These boring vegetables are a great way to detox and came in fashion with wheat grass shots at the juice bars.

As more and more health benefits of green vegetables were recognized, many people willingly added these vegetable smoothies in their diets. Blending leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, Swiss chard, collard greens, celery, parsley and broccoli with fruits makes very tasteful and healthy smoothies.  All citrus fruits like oranges, kiwi, and sweet fruits like mangoes, apples and bananas are added to make smoothies more palatable.

Green drinks get their color from chlorophyll, a nutrient rich pigment found in leafy vegetables, that cleans the body form harmful toxins, oxygenates the blood and helps boost energy levels.  Avocados are excellent source of vitamin E, which is one of the most powerful antioxidant. It helps soothe the dry skin.  Adding some avocado to green smoothie will have exceptional benefits for your skin.

Drinking green smoothie is a great way to incorporate tremendous amounts of greens into your diet. One serving of smoothie contains more greens than most people get in a week. Green vegetables also have adequate amount of high quality amino acids, enough to build the protein that supports the muscle mass.  Blending your smoothie well will get it that creamy consistency, helping your body absorb the maximum amount of nutrients from your greens.

Once green smoothie has become a part of your daily diet you will experience and realize that cleansing is a great way to reach your health and beauty potential.  It will rejuvenate your energy levels, and by sweeping toxins out of your body regularly you will feel light throughout the day.

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