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Personal hygiene is very important and feet form an integral part of your personality. Your feet should always look neat and clean with a nice foot ware to give it an attractive look. We often concentrate on how are face looks or focus on hair and skin and ignore our feet. But if we ignore our feet, we would always feel incomplete both in terms of maintaining hygiene and good personality. Also, feet carry us around the whole day so it is all the more important for us to take care of our feet.

A foot scrub massage for 5-7 minutes will remove all the dead skin from your feet. Sugar Scrub is one of the most popular and convenient options available and is very effective. Removing dead skin is very important because if it is not removed time to time, it can cause cracks, which apart from being painful look awfully filthy. Before using a foot scrub, one should soak the feet in Luke warm water for about 2 minutes to soften the feet. Pumice stone is also used to remove the dead skin; it’s a tried and tested traditional method and gives amazing results.

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Posted in Beauty on January 13, 2012

Why do people use a skin lotion? What are they trying to fix?


For some it’s just for the comfort level. They have dry skin or mild sunburn. The problem may be as simple as revitalizing the skin after washing the dishes. Others may have a more serious condition such as cracks in the skin of the feet or hands, acne, psoriasis or eczema.


The causes of the various skin problems can obviously be different in each case. Causes range from skin being dried out by sun, wind or water to poor diet or allergies. In more serious cases the best a skin lotion can do is help alleviate the symptoms. There are an endless number of skin creams and lotions available to you depending on what the problem is that you are trying to solve.


We all know the benefits of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E but how often do you hear of honey being used to rejuvenate or repair skin.


Honey by itself is an amazing gift of nature. It is wonderfully therapeutic when taken internally. A large portion of honey is made up of protein, with other nutrients, including carbohydrates, minerals, B complex vitamins (including bioflavonoids), and vitamins C, D and E. It has been used for centuries to promote internal and external healing. Used as a food it can give you energy.


Externally, it can be particularly useful. For starters it is a natural antiseptic. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. Another characteristic of honey is that it will attract and (retain) moisture. It also acts as an anti-oxidant.


Now odds are that most people are not going to walk around with raw honey coated on their face or hands. – But would be happy with a non-greasy lotion or skin cream.


For dry skin or sunburn a lotion with honey would act as a natural “moisturizer”. For mild blemishes such as acne or small sores the anti-bacterial characteristics would again promote healing. With something like cracked skin in the hands or feet – these areas can have very minor bacterial infections keeping them from healing – a honey lotion can help kill off infection and again promote healing.


As a little aside – it wouldn’t be harmful at all to put raw honey on an open wound – probably better that hydrogen peroxide. Honey has hydrogen peroxide in it along with the other goodies. It will not only kill germs but promote healing.


So, including honey in a skin lotion will help moisturize, inhibit bacterial growth, help fight viral infection and can be helpful as an anti-inflammatory. With its many nutrients the addition of honey will help clear up minor blemishes such as acne or cracked dry skin like some people get on the heels of their feet or their hands and fingers.

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