Posted in Beauty on May 31, 2012

If you want to have a smooth facial skin, you must be willing to make sacrifices and do whatever it takes to achieve it.  Having a smooth facial skin requires determination and an adherence to a beauty regimen that requires consistent care and upkeep.  Having a good skin care routine will definitely help you achieve results faster than you can ever imagine.


Take a look at some of these healthy steps on how to smooth out facial skin.  By combining these steps with a healthy and well-balanced diet, you will see results and the fruit of you hard work in no time:


Step 1 – Washing Your Face in the Morning

Make sure you start every morning right by washing your face with warm water.  Use an all-natural foaming cleanser if possible and gently massage your face for about 30 seconds and then wash it with a slightly cold water.  To get better results, also try to apply an all-natural facial day cream that has active ingredients like grape seed oil and vitamin E as well as anti-UV rays to keep the harmful rays out.  You must remember to apply this cream on your face 15 minutes after your face wash.  This is also a great opportunity to make good use of that eye serum to lighten any dark eye circles that might have showed up under your eyes.


Step 2 – Don’t forget to Wash Your Face in the Evening


This is a very important step.  Think of all the grime and dirt your face may have accumulated throughout the day.  Even i f you do not see it, you might be able to feel it.  This step unclogs your pores and gets rid of the grime and dirt.  Washing your face before going to bed helps you get rid of dirt from makeup, dust particles, smoke and other elements.  By doing so, you are giving your skin a chance to rejuvenate during the night.  Applying an all-natural night cream 15 minutes after washing the dirt off your face will help to smoothen out facial skin.    If you want to include with your night cream any serum that will stop the aging process, this would be a great time to do so.


Step 3 – Use a weekly Facial Mask


Give your facial skin a royal treatment once a week by applying a facial mask. This product will greatly improve the complexion of your skin and get rid of stubborn blemishes as well as toxins from your skin. This facial mask can either be in the form of mineral clay to cleanse and rejuvenate facial skin or a hydrating mask to boost the nourishment in your skin.