Posted in Beauty on April 29, 2012
Learning how to do my makeup is a question which always arises in women’s mind. Women love to do makeup. Make up is an art which can make you glamorous. Every woman wants to have a sun kissed beauty. She wants to look amazing and stunning and want everyone to gaze her beauty, there are many ways to do my makeup which woman mostly talk about, but she should not only know the art of applying makeup also should be aware of how to remove makeup.

Makeup removers are very necessary for cleansing of the skin. Makeup’s are oil based and powder based. Oil based makeup are tough to remove. Oil cosmetics are mascara, rouge, lipstick and liquid makeup like liquid eye liners etc. Removing foundation and mascara is not an easy task and should be taken out properly. The tactics about makeup not only includes about the things like how to do my makeup or what are the ways to do my makeup.


Make up should be cleaned before going to bed. Makeup should be kept only for the necessary time else it leads to clog pores, especially if it is thick makeup. If you want to have flawless and gorgeous and baby soft skin you should have the key to remove make up completely. The foremost thing is giving your face a gentle face wash with a facial wash. Now start removing the makeup from eyes. Eyes are the most sensitive and the jewel of the body and the skin around the eyes is very sensitive. Dampen a cotton ball in the mineral oil or baby oil and remove it. If the eye makeup is too thick than you can use a makeup remover and rub it gently near the eyebrows and eye lashes till the makeup is removed.


After you are done with eyes now comes the gorgeous face. Dampen a soft cloth in luke warm water and rub it very gently on the face. While cleaning your face make sure that you do the back portion of your neck and behind ears also, as the back of ears are the hidden areas where the oil accumulates. Now comes the lips, take a small portion of petroleum jelly and dab it on your lips, and gently rub it in with a tissue. Fold in the tissue, and blot the lips. Beauty experts recommend that before you take your beauty sleep, you should remove your makeup, so that your skin doesn’t dulls and no residues are left on the skin. And at the end you should definitely apply moisturizer to smoothen and nourish your skin. These are very simple steps which every woman should follow while removing the makeup, so that you always have radiant skin.


So if you want to have dewy and glowing skin, you not only should be clear with the queries like how to do my make up or ways to do make up but should also know how to remove the makeup properly. Love to do make up and at the same time get it off your face when not necessary in a proper manner to get the glowing skin.