Posted in Lifestyle on July 20, 2009

asian-glow-factThousands of Asian Americans across the country suffer from Asian Glow.

This embarrassing reaction to alcohol affects nearly half of all Eastern Asians. Yet, there is very limited amount of research done on the subject.

Are you suffering from Asian Flush/Asian Glow?

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Posted in Lifestyle on June 12, 2009

asian-party-girlAsian Flush or what I like to call Asian Glow is a condition that affects Asians and non-Asians alike.   As this facial blushing is more common amongst Asians it is generally referred to as Asian Blush as well.   For many, this facial redness shows up right after they have consumed alcohol.  Most websites go to great length to explain why this happens without offering a cure for asian flush.  Here I will do something different. Read more …

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