Posted in Beauty on October 24, 2013

What could scarier than the Halloween costume? Probably a rash caused by the makeup you put on to compliment your outfit for Halloween. Make up allergies are common with paint used for Halloween make up.  A study by the campaign for safe cosmetics has found that many face paints contains toxins or heavy metals even when labeled safe for non-toxics. There are many safe methods to put on a skin friendly makeup. Many different colors can be created with fruits and vegetables. They are safe and you for sure know that they are non-toxic. The only thing is you have to ensure is that you are not allergic to that food item. To prevent themselves from any allergies, women with skin problem can make their own face color.

When you make your own make up and face paint you don’t have to be worried about allergies, harmful dyes or chemicals. Using food ingredients to make colors is not a new occurrence. Traditionally people have used food ingredients to create colors and dyes from fruits and vegetables. They are cheap, safe and environment friendly.

Turmeric, mixed with little water produces a perfect yellow. Turmeric is a natural antiseptic and it’s actually good for skin.  This yellow color is easily washable, from skin and clothes.  Boil a beet root, for dark pink.  Use blueberries for purple color.  Puree them and then press through the strainer to get the juice. After painting with fruit and vegetable juice, apply some oil once they have dried up. Coco powder will make perfect brown and regular flour and corn starch will make white. You can mix cornstarch and coco powder for other skin tones. For red, blue and green food colors can be used. Red food color dissolved in a little water and then mixed with chocolate syrup to will make good blood. 

Although homemade colors are safe but they also should not be eaten or inhaled. They should not be stored for more than a day or two, as they have no preservatives. You must discard every leftover after use. For making mouth and eye makeup effects choose hypoallergenic lipsticks and mascara. Never share eye makeup and lipstick with others and discard commercial make up after 6 months.

There are very good products out in the market for problem skins. These new products are safe and can help improve your condition.  They are fragrance and dye free shades. These new products are organic; coconut oil based and skin friendly. If you have medically managed conditions like psoriasis, eczema, pigmentation avoid makeup altogether. Make a life style change this Halloween and say hello to eco friendly and organic products.