Posted in Lifestyle on April 6, 2009

hyperhidrosis-locationsHyperhidrosis, more commonly known as sweat, can occur in different areas of the body.   It often manifests itself on palms of the hands (sweaty palms-palm hyperhidrosis).  Even though most cases occur in the hands, it is by no means limited to the hands.  People experience excessive sweating on their feet, in their armpits and even on their face.

Excessive sweating is not a temporary condition.  Those of those who suffer from it have usually suffered for years and often since early childhood.  Initial reports tend to suggest that patients living in colder climates show less symptoms and very very few patients have had their excessive hand sweating disappear with time.   However, for the majority of us who have the condition, excessive sweating presents a big problem.

Those living with the condition are plagued by it’s distructive effects on business and day-to-day life.  Excessive sweating can be embarassing to those in business who have to shake hands to those who want to hold hands with those they love and are closest to.

Excessive sweating also has an extremely negative effect on a persons social life.  Excessive sweating prevents people from being as sociable as they would like.  People with the symptom tend to become extremely self conscious which in turn feeds into the anxiety and nervousness that cases even more sweating.  Other problems of include smeared ink or print outs when reading or writing and an inability to use electronic devices such as keyboards and computers.