Posted in Beauty on June 23, 2014

summer-hair-tipsEvery girl wants to lighten her hair in the summer season. A light shade looks amazing in the warmer months so a lot of people want to highlight their hair during the hot season. However, they want to steer clear of the harsh chemicals that are used in most lightening products, which are available in the market. Salons also use lighteners that have dangerous ingredients and they inflict a lot of damage on the hair. Therefore, it is better to use natural remedies for lightening the hair and protecting them from harm. Moreover, it is less expensive to undertake hair lightening at home.

Listed below are some natural ways you can lighten your hair to welcome the summer season:

  • Honey and Vinegar

A great lightening ingredient is honey and the hair will not dry out because olive oil is also used in this recipe. For making this recipe, you will need a cup of uncooked and raw honey that’s easily available at health food stores, 2 cups of distilled water, one tablespoon of ground cinnamon and one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. The ingredients have to be mixed together and applied to the hair when it’s damp. It can be distributed evenly with a brush or comb. Wash the hair in the morning and leave the mixture on overnight.

  • Chamomile Flowerslighten-hair-naturally

Chamomile flowers can also be used for making a rinse. These flowers are known to have a mild bleaching effect, due to which they are ideal for lightening the hair. For every 1/3 cup of water, 2 tablespoons of chamomile have to be steeped. The rinse should be strained and left to cool for a while. It should be applied to the hair for about 15 minutes. This should be repeated thrice or six time before the hair is washed.

  • Lemon Juice

Hair can also be lightened with olive oil, water and lemon juice. Lemon juice is highly effective in lightening the hair color, but it also dries it out. Therefore, olive oil is used for moisturizing the hair and keeping it shiny and soft and also because of its bleaching properties. Take a cup of water and mix it with 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and 2 tablespoon of olive oil. Apply this mixture on the hair and disperse it evenly with a comb. It should be washed after half an hour.

  • Rhubarb

People can also highlight their hair with rhubarb, but it works best when it is fresh. Take one cup of boiling water and mix it with ¼ cup of chopped rhubarb to it. Let this mixture cool for a little while. Now the rhubarb should be strained. The leftover liquid can be used as a rinse on the hair.

  • Sun

There is a reason why everyone is glowing and golden in the hot summer; the rays of the sun have a natural bleaching effect on hair. Daily exposure to the sun will naturally lighten your hair and eliminate the need of using products.

Posted in Beauty on June 9, 2014

summer-tipsYear after year, people fall in love with the summer because of the great outdoors, fresh air and sunshine. However, no one ever falls in love with oily skin, acne breakouts or sunburn that is also an inherent part of summer. The change of season doesn’t just mean that you have to change your wardrobe; it also means that you have to change the skin products you have been using. Skincare products that keep the skin comfortable and moist during the winter will leave it sweaty and oily when the humidity and heat hits. This means that the beauty loot has to be switched for the summer season:

Here are 5 tips that can prove to be very useful for people in helping their skin transition into summer:

1-     Beating Breakouts

Sweat is not the extra moisture that you see on your face in the summer. When the weather is hot, the oil glands under the skin become more active. Hence, this means that your skin will get oily and this increases the chances of breakouts. Matters seem to get worse for people who are prone to skin problems such as acne, pimples etc. Therefore, it is time for people to switch to lighter products such as water-based moisturizers rather than oil-based ones.

2-     Protecting Against Sun

Makeup products usually contain a lot of ingredients that will not suit the skin in all the humidity and heat. Instead, one should stock up on sunscreen to protect their skin from sunburn. The risk of skin cancer is also high if your skin is exposed to too much sun. Titanium and zinc based sunscreen and foundation should be chosen as they can reduce the oil and are much lighter in comparison.

3-     Getting the Red Out

Hydration is an important rule to follow in the heat. People should drink plenty of water in the summer as this will flush the face and soothe any redness. Drinking lots of water will help in detoxifying the skin and keep it supple and soft in the summer.

4-     Exfoliatingskin-tips-for-summer

As compared to the rest of the year, it is more important to exfoliate your skin in the summer season as this improves blood circulation to the face and removes the dead skin cells. While there are plenty of cosmetic scrubs available in the market, it is recommended that people make their own at home. Natural and homemade scrubs are more beneficial and don’t have any negative impacts on the skin. Nonetheless, people should ensure that they aren’t allergic to any ingredients contained in the scrub or this could lead to an infection.

5-     Toning

Once you have cleansed your face, the next step for achieving glowing and perfect skin in the summer is toning. While unwanted toxins are removed through cleansing, toning ensures that the skin remains fresh and vibrant. It provides the skin with the moisture it needs and balances the pH for promoting healthy skin. Toning also eliminates skin problems like pimples in the long term.

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