Posted in Fashion on February 8, 2009

Red stands for: Power, Passion, Courage, Warmth, Beauty, Persistence, Drive and Strength.

Girl In Red Dress

Red is a power color, which is why many color therapists find it can help the human body feel energized. It is known to help those who are tired and lethargic. The color red is also known to stimulate low blood pressure and boost blood circulation. It’s also known to stimulate the human appetite which is the reason many restaurants and dining areas are now being painted red. On the flip side, it is known to make certain individuals feel agitated, angry or over stimulated.

Colors can bring about certain energy in the air when they are worn or viewed. Numerous studies have been done to prove the impact colors have on the human brain. In fact, there are many effects of the color red.

Positive effects include: Confidence, Strength, Spontaneity, Boost in Self-Esteem and Determination.

Negative effects include: Fear, Resentment, Anger, Violence and Hunger.

It’s important to wear red when you need to appear powerful or confident. It is a great color to wear to an executive job interview because it will make you appear more capable and focused. Red is also an ideal color to wear if you need a boost in your own self esteem, as it can make you feel stronger and more capable.

Studies show if you are feeling low, even the simple act of wearing a red scarf can help boost your attitude in a positive and confident manner. Be warned, wearing too much red can make you appear unapproachable to those who are less confident.