Posted in Fashion on February 10, 2009

Orange stands for: Enthusiasm, Creativity, Warmth, Happiness, Success, Fascination, Stimulation and Encouragement.

girl-orange-dressOrange is a “hot color” and many color experts agree it has heating capabilities. It’s not nearly as aggressive as the color red, which is why it’s a great alternative. It can help the body feel stimulated, creative and happy. It is associated with the sun and tropical locations, making it an ideal color choice for those feeling depressed. The color orange is known to increase oxygen to the brain, stimulate appetite and invigorate the body. It can also help stimulate mental activity and provide motivation of strength and endurance.

By combining the energy of red and the positivity of yellow, orange can release extremely positive and powerful energy by itself. The color orange is very stimulating to the human eye. It can bring about many effects by being worn or viewed.

Positive effects include: Pleasure, Wisdom, Wealth, Prestige, High-Quality, Happy, Passion and Desire.

Negative effects include: Deceit, Distrust, Aggression, Domination and Thirst. Most often, these negative effects are correlated with dark orange or red-orange shades of the color.

Those who want to stand out in a crowd should wear orange. Wearing orange will provide high visibility and allow anyone wearing it to get a great deal of attention. It has the capability of highlighting positive elements of the human body and should be worn on areas the wearer wants to show off.

Orange is often used in the promotion of food products and toys because it is known to draw attention.