Posted in Fashion on July 10, 2009

Green stands for: Growth, Money, Fertility, Harmony, Safety, Freshness, Jealousy and Peace.

girl-green-dressGreen typically represents nature, thus is has great healing powers. Because it is the most restful color for the human eye, it has also been known to improve vision. As the color meaning “go” on a stoplight, it generally is associated with safety and free-will. Thus, it can make people feel less constrained and more connected to the Earth. Green is also known to promote Earth-friendly activities like recycling or being “good” to the planet. Thus, it is now associated with “going green” environmentally. Those who are struggling with fertility issues should consider wearing green, as it boosts fertility.

The color green is known to produce many different energy types. Positive effects include: Wealth, Health, Stability, Endurance, Safety, Maturity, Environmental and Ambition. Negative effects include: Greed, Jealousy, Sickness, Cowardice, Discord, Lack of Experience and Frugalness.
Those who want to put off the appearance of being trustworthy should consider wearing green. Wearing the color green can make a statement of wisdom and wealth. It is a great color to wear if trying to get financial backing for a project or when you want someone to instantly trust you.

Those who wear brighter shades of green often appear to be environmentally conscious, which is a highly respected characteristic in today’s society. Keep in mind, wearing dark green shades will make you seem more serious and more financially focused while wearing lighter shades of green will make you appear more nurturing and giving.