Posted in Fashion on January 31, 2009

Everyone knows color matters.  What is your favorite color?  Passionate red?  peaceful blue?  Eye catching Green?   Did you know the color of your clothing conveys different messages about you?


There is an entire science behind it called color psychology.  Color Psychology refers to the study of how human behavior is affected by color.

Not only can colors affect human behavior it can also be used in  healing.  Some colors will soothe or irritate your eyes, calm you down or irritate the hell out of you.  Some will even suppress your desire to eat and eat and eat.

Colors are something we run into every day.  It is deeply intertwined with our everyday life.  Almost all of our decisions in life is affected by color one way or another.

So…  what is the color of your dress?  Stay tuned as we visit some colors and what they project.