Posted in Beauty, Lifestyle on April 30, 2009

How helpful is Massage for your Cellulite?
bikini-girl-massageWe all know massage can be very beneficial in the release of tension and stress.  Massage also increases circulation and lymphatic drainage. As mentioned in my prior posts about cellulite, poor circulation and lymphatic problems are one of the causes of cellulite. The effectiveness really depends on the technique applied and the masseuse performing the massage.  However, mechanized devices such as those used by Endermologie can establish dependable results.  Don’t want to spend $75 to $300 for an hour massage?

How to perform Anti Cellulite Massage

Anti cellulite massage will assist in the cellulite reduction if done in combination with proper diet and exercise.  It will increase blood circulation to the affected areas if performed properly.


  1. Start by applying moisturizing lotion to your trouble area.  Apply enough so your hands can glide on with ease.
  2. Start from the location further away from your heart and slowly move towards it.
  3. While applying moderate pressure to the area alternate between the following:
    • Circular motion using knuckles, fingers or palm of your hand.
    • Long sweeping strokes using knuckles, fingers or palm of your hand.
    • Pinch the skin gently using the thumb and fingers to pull it slightly away from the body.
    • Pinch the skin gently using the thumb and fingers and gently pull it in all directions
    • Grasp your skin with your thumb and fingers and in a kneading, circular motion, massage it like it as dough
  4. Finish off with broad strokes.
  5. Do this every day for a least five minutes at a time for each problem area.