Posted in Beauty on May 10, 2009

white_shortsAs reported on MSNBC!

The traditional ways of dealing with cellulite was to melt it away.  However, new discoveries suggest that tacking cellulite is best accomplished by deep freezing!  You heard it right, deep freeze.

The procedure is known as Cryolipolysis.  It is a method of appling controlled and localized cooling to freeze fat cells to death.  Similar procedures are already being done in Europe and the FDA is looking into Cyolipolysis.  The procedure uses a suction cut type device to freeze the fat below the skin.  As it turns out, fat is more susceptible to cold than muscles.

Where to find this treatment since it has not been approved by the FDA?

Women have been flocking to Aqua City, Slovakia, where they can find cryotherapy.  There, they are shut in a tiny chamber the size of a prison cell as it is chilled to -120 degrees Celsius.

The air is so cold that clients are warned not to take deep breaths for fear of damaging their lungs. And they are only allowed to stay in the chamber for a maximum of three minutes – although most only last 90 seconds – as any longer could kill them.