Posted in Beauty, Lifestyle on April 21, 2009

cellulite-girl-exerciseCellulite, the fat that is trapped under our skin, can be removed by special cellulite exercises.  These exercises are being taught by dermatologists and beauty centers.

These exercises work to reduce and in time eliminate cellulite completely.  For best results, combine exercising with cellulite creams and massages.

Before we go through what exercises can be done, keep in mind that violent exercise can cause ill effects on the human body resulting in fatigue and opposite effects then those desired.  Please consult your doctor before taking on any exercise routine as your body condition might not be able to handle it.

Initial Stages of Cellulite

The best way to treat initial stages of cellulite is by providing the active muscles plenty of fresh air to help it burn the cellulite fat.  A little bit of toning of the area with cellulite can give you great results.  This can easily be done by doing a regular daily walking and breathing outdoors with fresh air.  It is especially effective on cellulite that shows up on the thigh area.

Confirmed Cellulite

For cellulite that have already been there for months, a daily gentle exercise is needed in addition to the walking and breathing.  Try to do the exercise early in the morning in open air areas such as parks or gardens where there is fresh air.

The open air walking should go as far as your body can handle without the feeling of tiredness.  The lengths of the walk should be increased gradually with 5 minutes the first week, followed by 1/2 hour the next week and in about three weeks or more walking 3/4 of an hour twice daily.

Cellulite that won’t go away

Keep in mind that exercising will greatly reduce the appearance of cellulite.  For it to completely go away requires discipline and hard work.   Anaerobic Workout  in additional to the daily walks will help help metabolize the excess fat that is building up in those problem areas and reduce cellulite build-up.  The Anaerobic Workouts is extremely important for women who have acquired cellulite that are not overweight as they will help them concentrate only on the body parts that have the cellulites instead of bulking up.

Don’t forget the goal of the exercises is to help reduce cellulite by making the skin firmer and more toned.  Side-effect?  You’ll start looking alot younger as well :)

Exercise to improve circulation of the back of thigh area.

This exercise uses your hamstrings which run from the bottom of the pelvis to below your knees.

  1. Kneel down on the floor.
  2. Tilt body forward so elbows touch the floor.
  3. Straighten your back.
  4. Lift one of your legs up behind you so it is straight with your back.
  5. Lift leg higher so it forms an angle with the floor.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5.

Exercise to reduce appearance of cellulite on your thigh

  1. Lie on the floor face down.
  2. Bend your elbows and rest your head on your arms.
  3. With both hips bones touching the floor, slowly raise your left leg.
  4. Hold left leg in position and flex your foot four times.
  5. Lower your leg.
  6. Repeat steps 3,4,5  six to eight times then change legs.
  7. Perform this routine three times daily.

Exercise that works the outer thighs and hips

  1. Sit on a sturdy chair.
  2. Place palms on the outside of your knees.
  3. Push your knees outward against your palms while keeping your arms and palms stationary.
  4. Press inward with your hands preventing your thighs from pushing them outwards.
  5. Hold this position for one minute while breathing normally.

Exercise that works your inner thighs

  1. Sit on a study chair with feet on the floor.
  2. Bend your knees at 90 degree angles.
  3. Place pillow between your thighs.
  4. Squeeze the pillow between your legs.
  5. Exhale while trying to squeeze the stuffing out of the pillow.
  6. Breathe normally and hold for one minute then release.