Posted in Beauty, Lifestyle on April 28, 2009

girl-buttMost of use have cellulite.  If we knew the cause, we can easily change our lifestyle.  By making little changes here and little changes there we can condition our body to be in a better state where it is harder for cellulite to manifest itself.  Below are 5 things that cause cellulite.  Each of the 5 things we can affect one way or another, the rest is up to you…

1. Consumption of the wrong types of fats

We all know we need some fat in our diet but there are some fats that are good for you and others which are not.  Sadly enough those that are not good for you also causes cellulite.  Trans-fats and processed vegetable oils are those that you should avoid.  Our metabolism can easily be disrupted by the consumption of trans-fats and processed vegetable oils into our body.  This in turn can and will cause cellulite to appear.

2. Use of mineral oil based lotions

Stay away from lotions that contain ingredients derived from petrochemical waste products.  These will block the pores in your skin as well as inhibit your skins ability to absorb healthy nutrients.

3. Not enough essential fatty acids in your diet

Essential Fatty Acids play a key role in the human budy as they are used to produce hormone-like substances that regulate blood pressure, lipid levels to immune responses.  Since our body cannot produce the essencial fatty acids, they must be supplied in food.  Essential fatty acids can be readily found in fish oil, tropical oils and marine oils.

sexy-butt4. Estrogen overload

This generally apply more to women.  Womens hormones play an important role in regulating the female body.  These hormones can easily be influenced by chemicals in foods and medication.  Especially nowadays where most of the food we purchase are pre-processed or contain chemical based ingredients.  Once the hormones are influenced, they can change the fat cells and cause them to change their structure allowing cellulite to take shape with greater ease.

5. Lack of consistent exercise

Exercise is essential as it affects metabolism.  In consistent exercising or a lack of exercise causes poor lymphatic and blood circulation.  This in turn prevents the incoming blood from reaching the tissues and prevents the fat that is stored under the skin from being properly absorbed back into the body.