Posted in Lifestyle on May 13, 2009

Thousands of Asian Americans across the country suffer from Asian Glow.  Often uncomfortable, this embarrassing reaction to alcohol affects nearly half of all Eastern Asians.


Asian Glow, better known as Alcohol flush reaction, is a condition where the human body fails to break down the alcohol completely.  Asian Glow is associated with erythema, the reddening of the face, neck, shoulders and sometimes the entire body!

Mitigating the effects of asian blush.  There seem to be various ways suggested one time or another that might mitigate the effects of asian blush.  These range from taking Zantac, Pepcid AC an hour before drinking to the consumption of carbohydrates to increase the matabolizm of alcohol.  But one thing is certain, there are no documented official remedies for Asian Glow.

The good thing? If you experience the asian flush, you may be less prone to alcoholism and may have lower blood pressure.  And about that Asian Glow?  It is wise to listen to your body and stay away from alcohol.  Still not convinced and want to mitigate that Asian Glow?  Follow this link – Asian Glow Fixes Others Have Tried – to see some things people have tried and depending on who you talk to, might work or might not.  I don’t guarantee anything.  Anyways, I think a little pinkish cheek actually looks good on me.