Posted in Lifestyle on May 19, 2009

cute-asianIf you are Asian, chances are that you have the Asian flush, Asian glow, alcohol flush or whatever else you want to call it.  Your face just turns red. Sometimes as red as a tomato.

Just because you are not Asian doesn’t mean you will not experience the symptom.

For those of you who have it.  Ever wonder how others are dealing with it?  What have others tried that might alleviate or eliminate this Asian glow?

Random things people have tried (do they work ?):

* Drinking Gin and Tonic (ONLY!  no mixing)
* Reducing the amount of yeast in your diet
* Taking antihistamine or aspirin  Warning: Aspirin can increase the blood alcohol level for some individuals.
* Taking frutose or glucose
* Staying away from things that cause blood vessel dilation such as spicy food, dressing too warmly

Do you know of any other methods or have tried other methods to deal with your Asian Glow?  Share with us!