Posted in Lifestyle on June 12, 2009

asian-party-girlAsian Flush or what I like to call Asian Glow is a condition that affects Asians and non-Asians alike.   As this facial blushing is more common amongst Asians it is generally referred to as Asian Blush as well.   For many, this facial redness shows up right after they have consumed alcohol.  Most websites go to great length to explain why this happens without offering a cure for asian flush.  Here I will do something different.

First of all, Asian Glow, better known as Alcohol Flush Reaction, is a condition where the human body fails to break down the alcohol completely.   This facial flush is associated with erythema, the reddening of the face, neck, shoulders and sometimes the entire body!  As this occurs mainly to Asian people, most people associate this to Asians intolerance to alcohol.  Again, as this alcohol flush can happen to anyone, it would be unfair to call it Asian Red.

In order to cure Asian Flush or lessen the effects of Asian Flush, some will suggest you to condition your body to reduce the facial blushing that occurs.  In order to reduce this facial redness, they even recommend you slowly take more and more alcoholic drinks to build your body’s ability to metabolize alcohol.   I haven’t really seen anyone attempt that and have it work.

Other suggestions to mitigate this facial redness range from taking Zantac, Pepcid AC an hour before drinking to the consumption of carbohydrates to increase the matabolizm of alcohol.  Trying to cure alcohol induced facial blushing this way just will not work.  People who have tried the Pepcid AC method have reported improvements but at the expense of getting drunk faster.

The good thing? If you experience the asian flush, you may be less prone to alcoholism and may have lower blood pressure. And about that Asian Glow? It is wise to listen to your body and stay away from alcohol. Still not convinced and want to mitigate that Asian Glow? If you are interested in checking out what others have tried, take a look at my other post about Asian Glow – Asian Glow Fixes Others Have Tried

Now, for solutions to Asian Flush you might not find on other sites that are based on Scientific research to mitigate Alcohol Flush Reaction…

Scientific approaches to address the cause of Asian Glow:

  • Dietary carbohydrate accelerates ethanol elimination. Somehow the fructose or glucose affects the metabolism and reduces the production of acetaldehyde. An abstract of how animals are affected by this can be found at
  • Brume Ames (respected scientist) suggests taking high doses of B-complex vitamin niacin with produces nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) responsible for metabolizing acetaldehyde (responsible for Asian Glow) Brume Ames Article is located at the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

The cure for Asian Flush/Asian Glow/Alcohol Flush Reaction:

  • The drug “4-methylpyrazole” has been found to reduce and prevent the accumulation of acetaldehyde, the main reason for the Asian Glow. This has been found to be effective in the suppression of acetaldehyde accumulation in alcohol-hypersensitive Japanese and noted in