Posted in Beauty on November 26, 2013

All of you might have heard of new skincare creams in the market like BB cream, CC cream etc.  BB creamstands from blemish balm or blemish base. It is claimed to be an all-in-one facial product which serves as a replacement for serum, primer, moisturizer, sun-screen and foundation. CC cream stands for colour control or colour correcting cream. It is the refined form of blemish balm screen. CC cream is a refined beauty product which contains the benefits of BB cream and in addition to it, also reduces the redness of the skin.  CC cream has better skincare properties. Both these creams have foundation as one of the ingredients. Foundation is a cosmetic product which is applied on the face to create a uniform complexion by covering the scars and other flaws of the face. BB creams and CC creams are the new trends in the beauty market these days.

Some tips for ladies out there on how to choose between a BB cream and a CC cream. First of all decide what type of coverage you are actually looking for yourself. If a natural look is preferred then BB cream is the right choice. If the skin requires a lot more blemish and skin discoloration coverage, then CC cream will be a good option. The best way to decide which one is better is by trying both so that the one which gives better results for your skin type. BB creams moisturize, provide a base for make-up, cover-up minor skin imperfections, provides skin protection and some other skincare benefits. CC creams have similar benefits but the consistency is lighter as compared to BB cream and provides more coverage. While buying one of these creams test them on the back of your hand. These creams are an innovation in the cosmetic world and are quiet natural in design. Skin complexion is a big focus these days. These creams provide a natural and even texture to the skin. It is always good to try something which is new in the market as long as it suits your skin type. So use these creams and achieve skin perfection. The main benefits of these creams are that they simplify the daily skin routine and offer multiple benefits. One has to buy a single cream which is a combination of the essential skincare products used in make-up. These new formulas are an extended version on tinted moisturizers.